1.  Name the conjugated protein used as genetic material in living cells

A. Glyco protein

B. Nucleo protein

C. Metallo protein

D. Lipo protein

Answer : Option B

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2.  Who supported Griffith effect by molecular explanation ?

A. Hershay and chase

B. Watson, crick Ninenberg

C. Avery , Mc Carty and Macleod

D. Griffith and Avery

Answer : Option C

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3.  Synthesis of nucleic acids always takes place in

A. \(3^{1}-5^{1}\) direction

B. \(5^{1}-3^{1}\) direction

C. Both ways

D. in any direction

Answer : Option B

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4.  DNA Chain initiation phase during replication is

A. formation of stepping stone

B. Activation of deoxy ribonucleotides

C. Formation of Okazaki fragments

D. Formation of replication fork stage

Answer : Option D

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5.  What is called Griffith effect ?

A. DNA transcription

B. RNA translation

C. Bacterial transformation

D. Bacterial transduction

Answer : Option C

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6.  Genetic information is carried by the long chain molecules which are made up of

A. Amino acids

B. Nucleotides

C. Chromosomes

D. Enzymes

Answer : Option B

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7.  By which bonds the purine & pyrimidine pairs of Complementary Strands of DNA held together?

A. H - bonds

B. O - bonds

C. C - bonds

D. N - bonds

Answer : Option A

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8.  State the nature of the 2 Strands of DNA duplex.

A. identical & Complementary

B. Anti parallel & complementary

C. Disimilar & non - complementary

D. Anti parallel & Non - complementary

Answer : Option B

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9.  The code AUG stands for

A. Glycine

B. Methionine

C. N-formyl methionine

D. A lanine

Answer : Option B

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10.  A Sequence of three Consecutiue bases in a t- RNA molecule which Specifically binds to a complementary Codon Sequence in m - RNA is known as

A. Triplet Codon

B. Non - Sense Codon

C. Anti Codon

D. Termination Codon

Answer : Option C

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