1.  In taxonomic classification the correct sequence is .........

A. class-family-tribe-order-genus-species

B. class-order-family-tribe-genus-species

C. tribe-order-family-genus-species

D. class-tribe-order-family-genus-species

Answer : Option B

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2.  The smallest taxon amongst following is .......

A. class

B. order

C. species

D. genus

Answer : Option C

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3.  Taxonomically a species is .....

A. A group of evolutionary related population

B. A fundamental unit in the phylogeny of organisms

C. Classical evolutionary taxonomy

D. A community taken into consideration as an evolutionary base

Answer : Option B

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4.   Species is .....

A. not related to evolution

B. specific class of evolution

C. specific unit of evolution

D. fertile specific unit in the evolutionary history of a race

Answer : Option D

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5.  Two words comprising the binomial nomenclature are .........

A. Family & genus

B. order & family

C. genus & species

D. species & variety

Answer : Option C

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6.  A group of plants or animals with similar traits of any rank is kept under .....

A. species

B. genus

C. order

D. taxon

Answer : Option D

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7.  Which of the following is the correct sequence in the increasing order of complexity ?

A. molecules, tissues, community, population

B. cell, tissues, community, population

C. tissues, organisms, population, community

D. molecules, tissues, community, cells

Answer : Option C

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8.  The correct sequence of taxonomic categories is ..........

A. class-phylum-tribe-order-family-genus-species

B. phylum-order-class-tribe-family-genus-species

C. division-class-order-family-tribe-genus-species

D. division-class-family-tribe-order-genus-species

Answer : Option C

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9.  The total words in binomial nomenclature are .......

A. 5

B. 3

C. 2

D. 4

Answer : Option C

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10.  New systematic and the concept of life was given by

A. Huxley

B. Odom

C. Elton

D. Linnaeus

Answer : Option A

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