1.  The cow contain 250 kg weight produce how much protei=n per day.

A. 250 gm

B. 250 kg

C. 200 gm

D. 200 kg

Answer : Option C

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2.  Cattle keepers are in center position in dairy industry because........

A. They carries good varieties of cattles.

B. They prepare different type of milk products.

C. Their products are sold at national in dairy industry.

D. They have brought white revolution in dairy industry.

Answer : Option A

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3.  Who was pioneer of dairy industry in Gujarat ?

A. Fahian

B. Haber

C. Varges kurian

D. Venus (whenson)

Answer : Option C

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4.  Where Imperial Veterinary Research Institute is located ?

A. New delhi

B. Izatnagar

C. Chennai

D. Kolkata

Answer : Option B

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5.  Who is known as the father of modern bee science ?

A. Fahian

B. Kurian

C. Whenson

D. Huber

Answer : Option D

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6.  Which is improper pair ?

A. Breeding female honey bee - Worker

B. Non breeding female hoey bee - Worker

C. Breeding male honey bee - Drone

D. Breeding female honey bee - Queen

Answer : Option A

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7.  What is carried out in apiary (apiculture) ?

A. Honey bee brings nectar

B. Manufacture of colours, polish, cosmeties from wax

C. The rearing of honey bee colonies

D. All the above

Answer : Option C

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8.  Edible marine fishes are

A. Hilsa, Pomfret, Catla

B. Catla, Mackerel, Mrigal

C. Sardin, Mackerel, Mrigal

D. Sardin, Pomfret, Mackerel

Answer : Option D

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9.  Which type of hybridization is done for mule ?

A. In breeding hybridization

B. Out breeding hybridization

C. Inter specific hybridization

D. Intra specific hybridization

Answer : Option D

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10.  Single cell protein is produced by

A. Anaerobic respiration (fermentation)

B. Aerobic respiration

C. Biofortication

D. Paturization

Answer : Option A

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