1.  Which person is suffering from disease according to given sentences ?

A. Mahesh walks slowly & become tired.

B. There is appearance of scaly lesions on skin of naresh.

C. Paresh is suffering from vomiting.

D. All of them suffer from disease.

Answer : Option D

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2.  What is the location of Salmonella typhi during diseased condition ?

A. Stomach

B. Kidney

C. Liver

D. Intestine

Answer : Option D

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3.  Which test is carried out if disease is occured by salmonella typhi ?

A. Widal test

B. Lisman test

C. Blood test

D. Barium test

Answer : Option A

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4.  Generally streptococcus pneumoniae causes pneumonia but which bacteria is responsible for this diseare ?

A. Pneumococcus

B. Tuberculosis.

C. Haemophilus influenzae

D. Salmonella typhi

Answer : Option C

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5.  Chhaganbhai is suffering from fever, then which kind of organism responsible for it ?

A. Plasmodium vivex

B. Plasmodium malarie.

C. Plasmodium falciparum

D. All of hte given.

Answer : Option C

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6.  Duration of fever occured by plasmodium malarie is _______

A. Every 24 hours.

B. Every 24 hours.

C. Every 36 hours.

D. Every 72 hours.

Answer : Option D

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7.  From which kind of host life cycle of plasmodium passes ?

A. Male of Human & of Anopheles mosquito.

B. Male of Human & Male of Anopheles mosquito.

C. Human & Female Anopheles mosquito.

D. Human & Male Anopheles mosquito.

Answer : Option D

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8.  What is responsible for malaria...?

A. All Anopheles mosquitoes.

B. All Culex mosquitoes.

C. Only male Anopheles mosquitoes

D. Only female Anopheles mosquitoes

Answer : Option D

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9.  The spherical from of metacryptomezoites is called _____

A. Sporozoites

B. Cryptoschizont

C. Trophozoite

D. Gamato cyte

Answer : Option C

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10.  What is improper for ringworm disease.

A. It is done by Trichophyton fungi.

B. By constant itching the lesions get expanded

C. It is done by using infected persons comb.

D. It is done by secretion of serotonin chemical.

Answer : Option D

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