51.  Which is the path of blood circulation in Cockroach ?

A. Heart - artery - organs - heart

B. Heart - sinuses - heart

C. Sinuses - artery - organs - vein - heart

D. Heart - artery - heart

Answer : Option B

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52.  Total howmany spiracles occur in Cockroach ?

A. Ten

B. Twenty

C. Thirteen

D. Twenty six

Answer : Option B

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53.  In Cockroach how many spiracles are present in thoracic region and howmany spiracles are present in abdominal region ?

A. Two pairs and eight pairs

B. Two and eight

C. Eight pairs and two pairs

D. Eight and two

Answer : Option A

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54.  The walls of spiracles are framed from .......... .

A. Blood vessels

B. Tissue fluid

C. Chitinous Bristles

D. Ostia

Answer : Option C

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55.  In respiratory system of Cockroach .......... function as filters.

A. Spiracles

B. Chitinous bristles

C. Ostia

D. Tracheoles

Answer : Option B

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56.  Main excretory units in Cockroach are ........... .

A. (A) A pair of kidney

B. Haemolymph

C. Chitinous bristles

D. Malpighian tubules

Answer : Option D

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57.  Write location and numbers of malpighian tubules in periplaneta.

A. At the junction of midgut and hindgut, about 150.

B. At the junction of foregut and midgut, about 150.

C. Surrounding gizzard, eight.

D. At the junction of colon and rectum, eight.

Answer : Option A

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58.  In Cockroch colour of malpighian tubules is .......... and their .......... end is blind.

A. Green, anterior

B. Green, posterior

C. Yellow, anterior

D. Yellow, free (distal)

Answer : Option D

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59.  In Cockroach wall of each malpighian tubule is lined by ..........and ..........cells.

A. Secretory and non-ciliated surface

B. Glandular and ciliated

C. Squamous and smooth surfaced

D. Striated and ciliated

Answer : Option B

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60.  Which of the following is the function of malpighian tubules of Cockraoch ?

A. Absorption of waste from haemolymph and convert them into uric acid.

B. Removes CO

C. Store solid excretory material

D. Reabsorption of water from the hindgut.

Answer : Option A

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