31.  When a gas is heated from 298K to 323K at a constant pressure of 1 atm its volume is

A. Increases from V to 1.8 V

B. Increases from V to 1.08 V

C. Increases from V to 1.5 V

D. Increases from V to 2 V

Answer : Option B

Explanation :

According to Charles’ law



\(\therefore V_{2}=\frac{323}{298}V_{1}\)


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32.  At \(20^{\circ}C\) and 760 torr, the sample of air contains 20% \(O_{2}\) & 80% \(N_{2}\) gaseous mixture, find the density of the air (Molarmass \(O_{2}\) = 32 g/mol , \(N_{2}\) = 28 g/mole R =0.082 \(liter\ mole^{-1}K^{-1}\))

A. 1.918 \(gL^{-1}\)

B. 2.198 \(gL^{-1}\)

C. 1.198 \(gL^{-1}\)

D. 1.394 \(gL^{-1}\)

Answer : Option C

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33.  The ratio of velocities of diffusion of gas A and B is 1 : 4, if the ratio of their masses in a mixture is 2:3, calculate the ratio of their mole fractions (BIT 1990)

A. 1 : 12

B. 1 : 24

C. 1 : 6

D. 4 : 3

Answer : Option B

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34.  Under same conditions of temperature and pressure the volumes of 14g \(N_{2}\) and 36g of \(O_{3}\) are related as :

A. \(2V_{N_{2}}=3V_{O_{3}}\)

B. \(3V_{N_{2}}=2V_{O_{3}}\)

C. \(3V_{N_{2}}=4V_{O_{3}}\)

D. \(4V_{N_{2}}=3V_{O_{3}}\)

Answer : Option B

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35.  Equal masses of Hydrogen and oxygen gases are placed in a closed container, at a pressure of 3.4 atm. The contribution of hydrogen gas to the total pressure is

A. 1.7 atm

B. 0.2 atm

C. 3.2 atm

D. 3.02 atm

Answer : Option C

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36.  The kinetic energy of 4.0 moles of \(N_{2}\) gas at \(127^{\circ}C\) is \(\left ( R=2\ cal\ mole^{-1}K^{-1} \right )\)

A. 4400 cal

B. 3200 cal

C. 4800 cal

D. 1524 cal

Answer : Option C

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37.  The critical temperature of \(H_{2}O\) is higher than \(CO_{2}\) because (IIT 1997)

A. fewer electrons than \(CO_{2}\)

B. It contains 2- covalent bonds

C. Molecular shape is V- shape

D. dipole moment of \(H_{2}O\)

Answer : Option D

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38.  The compressibility factor of an ideal gas is

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 4

Answer : Option B

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39.  A 10 L cylinder of nitrogen at 4.0 atm pressure and \(27^{\circ}C^{-}\) developed a leak. When the leak was repaired 2.36 atm of nitrogen remained in the cylinder at \(27^{\circ}C\). How many grams of nitrogen escaped?

A. 18.7g

B. 0.67g

C. 52.6g

D. 10.0g

Answer : Option A

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40.  Calculate percentage of \(NO_{2}\) by weight in \(N_{2}O_{4}\) which has vapour density of 36.

A. 27.7%

B. 67.7%

C. 52.6%

D. 25.7%

Answer : Option A

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